So close, and yet so far.... (drkstarinthesky) wrote,
So close, and yet so far....

I've been hinting for weeks....

i get that we all have our... list.... or people we would run away with.... but this harry thing is kind of rubbjng me the wrong way. i know youre busy with work.... but youre literally a high school girl right now. i feel like you dont even care that im the real option. yea sure.... you have a 1/billion chance. but i have not felt anything from you lately. on top of that ... i move at the end of the month. and you still arnt letting me come over. i feel like this is not going well lately. im trying to be postiive.... but im loosing the battle.

on top of all this! this month is the one where brittany left me!  im feeling very broken.... and the fact that you keep swooning over harry.... and not picking up on my hints.... "i would never go with my list. no matter what. i know you. who knows if what they (the list) would bring to the table, would it be real."

and you keep saying you go. i dont know.... its probably a mix a bunch of things..... oh well..... finishing my drink.... i work soon.

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