So close, and yet so far.... (drkstarinthesky) wrote,
So close, and yet so far....

Yay.... You're on another trip! =/

Just kidding I absolutely hate that you're on another trip but it is part of your bucket list and hopefully this one will actually go by fast, as planned and you'll be able to finish the races and you'll be one step closer to finishing that bucket list. It just sucks because I came to pick you up at your house before you left and you met me at the fucking Clubhouse. That sucked because I actually thought that you were going to have me come to your door and help you carry things down or do something that would involve being close to the next step of our relationship. Sorry our dating life style. It wasn't though.... But hopefully when you come home things will be different. If not, who knows... Side note? Bought my. Mini today.
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