So close, and yet so far.... (drkstarinthesky) wrote,
So close, and yet so far....

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Well..... This sucks...

This year has been super crazy. I mean I never thought that when you showed up at Epcot we would have been through all that we've been through so far. I didn't think I'd end up falling in love with you as much as I have. And it's difficult because you tell me you weren't ready for somebody to come into your life and yet here I am and here we are. I'm not sure what's going on or how come through everything we've been through some things just haven't progressed. I just hope that through everything we can come out on top of this. A large part of me wants to be able to go back and change my actions but unfortunately what's done is done all I can do is to try and figure out how to make things right from my end. And I hope that through this situation it will help push the relationship into a better Direction and more open communication will happen. I know you say you feel like you can't talk to me and I feel like I'm always asking you to talk to me. It's tough because there's some things that are just preventing us from whatever I mean I'm not even sure but we do have something here and I hope that over the next few days or week or however long you need to take you to realize that. I don't understand how to give you space but I'm going to try my best. You're worth it. all of it. I love you...... ='(
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